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Our Pricing for website development and associated costs

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At a minimum, your costs will be the design & build, website hosting & emails, SSL Certificate, Page Builder annual licence, and if you don't already have one - purchasing a new domain. The 1st years Page Builder licence is included in the initial Design & Build template cost.

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A clear explanation of each of the design/cost elements listed above:

Hopefully we have explained below what each of the elements are and why they are needed. If you are still confused, get in touch. Happy to answer any questions.

Design & Build

The deisgn & build covers one of the website templates of your choice and ‘building’ your website with your text/images where needed. This does not mean a complete change of everything! Obviously you can supply all required text (similar amounts to each text block in the design) and we will swap the text out and change any specific images you require. The contact form will also be programmed to deliver to an email address of your choice.

Website hosting & emails

Every website has to be located somewhere on the internet in order for people to be able to search for the site/your services. This is called website hosting. For this I have 3 web servers in the cloud that host my clients websites. The website is tied in with the domain or web address you purchase and use. See below. 2 email addresses can be set up for each domain under this package i.e.

Using your existing hosting provider

In some circunstances you may already have a website and access to hosting. We can upload the new website to your web server and configure to be live! Emails as well.

Extra Pages

The templates at the moment have the large home page (deep scrolling full of info) and the SCENAR explanation page. Should you require additional pages for other therapies you undertake, these can beproduced from your supplied text and up to 3 images per page.

Optimising client supplied video

Should you need to include your own video(s) on the website, these will need to be reduced in size and optimised for web use. It is all about fast load times for a web page. A video file that is too large will have an unconfortable load delay. Also a 'fall-back' image of the first frame needs to be produced and this is set to load instead of the video on perhaps mobile devices or any other situation where the clients internet connection is slow.

Automated website backup facility

Unfortuneatly in this day and age, there are people that exist who's goal is to hack your website and cause embarrasing disruption! In 98% of cases, if this hacking happens to your website, the onlt way to fix it is to re-install the website from a backup as this takes a fraction of the time compared to trying to clean the damaged website. With this in mind, we instal automated backup software into the website that will backup the whole website and database at pre-determined intervals. Like every two weeks, and store the previous 4 backups for future use. These backup files are then automatically uploaded and stored in a different location in the cloud for security. Another copy is also downloaded to my computer. For software like this a licence has to be purchased, hence the cost incured.

Page builder licence

We build our website on a platform called WordPress. What is WordPress I hear you say?? It is the most widely used and supported website building software in the world. Figures for 2023 show that 43.1% of all websites are built on WordPress! This equates to 810 million websites. WordPress is a basic intrastructure that requires special functionalty 'plugins' for fancy tasks. A lot of these are free and some you have to pay a licence for. All the plugins we use are free except the page builder software. This software enables either ourselves of the client to make changes to the website content. It uses what we cal a 'drag & drop' design system, basically you edit the live visual page, no nasty code! This licence has to be renewed every year.

Website plugin security updates

As mentioned above, WordPress plugins need constant updates from the developers to patch possible security loopholes and improve the plugin. This also applies to the WordPress core software. Leave your site not updated and you supply an easier target for hackers. This applies to any website built on any platform, not just WordPress.

Changes to finished live website

Once your website has been finished and gone live, any changes are chargeable. Going forward if changes are required we can make them for you or supply a video showing you how to login to the website backend and make your own changes.

SSL certificate

What is an SSL Certificate? Today every website needs to run on an SSL certificate. This is the little padlock icon you see in the browser address bar. Basically it shows the browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc.) that the website is secure and safe to browse. If you do not have an SSL certificate at lot of the time,the browser will not load the website. It is for your security and the end users, the person viewing your website.

Purchasing of website domain

A domain is your web address, i.e. This domain is linked to your website URL (address) and your emails. Either a or .com domain is required and is renewable every year.

SEO services

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is work that is done to the structure and content of your website to optimise it for people searching for your services. So if someone searches for "pain relief therapy" your website comes up in the results. BUT, this is not an overnight success story, it takes time to 'earn' the results position. So you website gets optimised and submitted to Google and then you wait. Many, many different criterias that have to come into play and as the internet is so big (over 100 million websites) patience is a virtue. It may need a couple of goes. The time a website has been live also plays a crucial role. LAunch your new website and then wonder why yours is not at the top of the results? This is because websites that have been live for years will have greater credibility with Google. There are various tricks we can do to help this.

Logo creation

An identity or logo is important to look professional to your clients. Something visual to achieve that feeling of professionalism. A logo can be simply your name in nice fonts or the name with an illustration and different colours. Either way it is important for your website, business card, lleaflet, and all marketing material. We can help with this.


This is a mind blowing amount of information and sometimes difficult to grasp. If you have any questions please get in touch. Always here to help. I have been doing graphic design, website development and marketing for over 30 years!

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